Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Mailbox in 2009

New Year is just a few hours away, and just like most people, in between general cleaning and preparing ingredients for the New Year’s Eve menu, I’m contemplating on my 2009 resolution and future plans.

Apart from my must-do-top-priority diet plan, I’m thinking of giving our home a much needed face lift this year, as it has been more than 10 years since it was last renovated.

The outdoor paint has already showed signs of aging and chipping; the pillars also need to be repainted to restore the gold marble effect they once had. The front lawn could use a bit of landscaping, and to top it all, I would like a handsome mailbox standing there to complete the look. I’m a fan of Personalized Mailboxes, and whenever I see unique Custom Mailboxes, I can’t help but sketch a design in my mind, of what I would like to have for our home.

The one I specifically have in mind is customized and hand crafted. It resembles the classy Monogram Series Whitehall Mailboxes that I fancy, which come in different colors and designs.

Emails are fast, convenient and great, but the Little Lady's excitement to open the mailbox each day to check the snail mail is just priceless. Well, who doesn’t like to get a surprise on a daily basis?

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