Sunday, October 2, 2011

I Love Cooking!

Hello, dear blog followers! It’s me again! Please enjoy this fresh and juicy article that I just cooked up for all of you! For today, I will share with you about the dishes I cook with the help of our helpers and my grandmother.

I was thinking about the time we made cheese sticks and tacos. It was so much fun! The first recipe is very easy. I buttered the bread sticks all over, then I rolled them in grated cheese before putting them in the oven toaster. I waited for 5 minutes then… voila! Le cheese sticks are served!

Cheese Sticks

My cousin and I made tacos for the whole family. Our grandmother prepared the ingredients and we took care of filling the shells with yummy stuff! There are no rules in making tacos. You can do it however you  want it. Just pack each shell with the ingredients and top them with grated cheese and mayonnaise or cheese sauce as a finishing touch. Here's our very own taco recipe:

Taco Baby 

taco shells
ground beef sauteed in garlic and onions
 cabbage cut into strips
chopped tomatoes
grated cheese
mayonnaise or cheese sauce

I also get recipes from my favorite magazine, Total Girl. They look totally delectable when they are fully served! I think all of the recipes that are from Total Girl are so yummy! Here is one of my easy to make favorites:

Strawberry and White Chocolate Chip Ice Cream 

1 pack fresh strawberries 
 ½ cup strawberry jam 
 ¼ cup sugar 
½ cup plain yogurt 
 1 1/2 cups whipped cream 
 ½ cup white chocolate chips 
Colored candy sprinkles, to decorate 
 strawberry syrup 

How to make strawberry and white chocolate-chip ice-cream:

1. Place strawberries, jam, and sugar in a blender and process until smooth. Add yogurt and blend until well mixed in with other ingredients. Using a spoon, carefully mix in cream and chocolate chips.

2. Transfer ice-cream mixture into a freezable container and freeze until firm.

3. Scoop ice cream in serving cups and decorate with sprinkles and strawberry syrup.

Besides cooking, I also love Home Economics. The subject inspires me most of all because it's so cool to create plenty of things by myself. I like to weave mats, sew handkerchiefs, build furniture, arts and crafts, but best of all, I like to give and sell them after.

I love singing, writing blog articles such as this one,  and so much more!  I have so many ambitions that I would like to take some off, but they are all too good and they perfectly suit me to take out even one of them. So I said to myself, forget about it for now and just think about it again and make it a problem when I'm all grown up. : )

I wish you all good luck with the things you have to deal with in your life. Home Economics is not just about cooking, cleaning, washing your laundry, or using recycled things. It is also about taking care of yourself, your family, relatives and other people that you love and care about.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. See you again next time and don’t miss my next issue! I love you all!


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