Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Interview with Ms. Bianca Valerio for Total Girl Magazine September 2012 8th Birthday Issue!

Konnichiwa minna-san {Hello everybody}!!! Gomenasai {sorry} for the late update! I've been so busy sleeping, watching and playing to my heart's content that I forgot to blog... again, for the umpteenth time.

How is your long vacation a.k.a. SEM BREAK? Mine has been awesome so far! I plan to enjoy it until the last day of vacation, which is tomorrow already (boo hoo!!!). 

Anyways, looking back to the recent major event in my life, I'm finally sharing what happened last September, this November:  I WAS FEATURED IN TOTAL GIRL MAGAZINE PHILIPPINES SEPTEMBER 2012 8th BIRTHDAY ISSUE!!!

Total Girl Magazine September 2012 8th Birthday Issue 

Yes! I was given the chance to interview a celebrity who is a TV and events host, bestselling author, endorser, makeup artist, columnist, personality development speaker, blogger, model, and a mom -- the one and only... Ms. Bianca Valerio!!! How cool is that?

The interview!

At first, I was shy to even mumble a word to her, but after she talked to me, I felt like I was speaking to a good friend of mine. She shared about how to handle bullies based on her very own personal struggles in life. She explained how bullies try to make others feel miserable and feel bad about themselves, but in reality, they are actually wearing masks because they are afraid and want to hide their weaknesses. She was bullied for a very long time and she didn't have friends. But she has overcome that phase in her life by being close to God,  living a positive life and focusing on her dreams.

Learning so much from Ms. Bianca's experiences

The interview is full of lessons, hope and inspiration. I feel lucky to be given the opportunity to meet someone like her who succeeded despite the hardships she went through in life. I believe she is very blessed to be all the things she wants to be... all at the same time! 

We talked about a lot of things-- the greatest lesson she learned about growing up, her childhood dream, proudest tween moment, crushes, and so much more. Now, she knows my secret crush too! :) You can read all about it in the magazine {except my crush}. Hopefully you can still grab a copy. :))

Final pose after the awesome interview! :)

Ms. Bianca tweeting about it :)

Be in TG, Page 10

Be in TG, Page 10 {Close Up}

Role Model Section: 'Braver Than Her Bullies'

Braver Than Her Bullies: Pages 62 and 63

My thoughts!

"I had a wonderful time interviewing a person like her. She shared so many lessons in life that truly inspired me to believe in myself and follow my dreams, no matter how impossible they seem. I will always cherish her words of wisdom, try to live by them and become a positive inspiration too, to those around me." ~ Chestene, 11

Well technically, I was still 10 years old when I interviewed her, because it was July 13 then {my birthday is on August. More about it on my next post}. It's my luckiest Friday the 13th ever!  

A sweet personalized message on the book!

As a surprising bonus, she gave me a copy of her bestselling book entitled Face to Face: The Healing Power of Make Up, which features amazing make up transformations. Mom and I got Stila lip glaze too! Thank you!!!

More tweets!

I would like to thank Ms. Bianca Valerio for the great interview. I hope you don't mind me snagging your tweets for this post. I just had to share! :) It's also a  pleasure singing 'Call me Maybe' for you and tell a joke {though corny, hahaha!}. And to the awesome people behind this Total Girl Magazine Philippines Role Model Section interview -- Ate Mara Agner {Thank you for giving me the chance!} Ate Katsu Modomo {who is a fellow anime fan!} and Kuya Alfred Mendoza {for the beautiful photos!}. 



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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Disney's Friends for Change Ambassadors Stand Up to Bullying

Hello dear friends!

This video features my favorite Disney Channel stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman, along with other kids who shared experiences and helped each other stand up to bullying.

I personally support this cause, being a victim of bullying myself. I believe each one of us has been bullied at one point in our lives and whenever we look back, we wish we had the courage to do something at the time to stand up for ourselves.

Now here is our chance to make a difference, because it's never too late to encourage others especially kids, to be confident and believe in themselves. Let's all unite and spread the word to stand up to bullying! 


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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Hayao Miyazaki's Spirited Away

Hello dear blog followers! My previous post is about Howl’s Moving Castle and I know that it has been awhile since I wrote that. School days are filled with so many assignments and I still squeeze in watching my favorite anime shows and drawing them after I'm done with all of my homework, that's why blogging seem to take a backseat for now.

Anyways, The topic for today is again, one of my very favorite anime movies called Spirited Away! Happy reading!

This wonderful and unforgettable story is all about Chihiro Ogino, a 10-year old who is moving with her parents to a new home in Japan. On their way there, to get away from so much traffic, her father decided to take a shortcut along the woods. They go through a tunnel and come across a restaurant filled with delicious food. Her parents were so hungry that they started eating lots of food from a restaurant. They insisted that she should go eat with them too. But she refused because she senses danger.

After a while, Chihiro finds out that her parents have been turned into pigs, and a boy from her past meets her once again. His name is Haku. He tells her to work in the bathhouse so she could stay and save her parents. She then she meets Kamaji, the boiler man, Lin (to whom she becomes an assistant), and Yubaba, the witch who rules the bathhouse. She has a gigantic baby named Boh, who is very spoiled.

She meets No Face and lets him in the bathhouse, where he creates a lot of trouble. One day Haku comes back to the bathhouse hounded by flying papers and he gets deeply wounded. She gives Haku the gift the river spirit gave her and he coughs a golden seal, something he took from Zeniba -Yubaba’s twin sister. She set off to Zeniba’s house with No Face and she returns the golden seal and apologizes for Haku. Then she figures out Haku’s name and Haku is freed from his curse.

But before she could go home, Yubaba gives her a final test and if she fails, she will never see her true parents ever again. She passes the test and is free to leave with her parents to the real world. Then she and Haku go to the tunnel and Haku made a promise to see her again and she is told not to look back, not until she went through the tunnel.

So that’s the summary in my point of view. I like the movie because it is adventurous, full of courage, bravery, and funny moments. I think should add some improvements to the story, though. No big ugly wart in Yubaba’s face (LOL!) and no piggified parents (some other animal instead). What do you think? :)

The movie-maker and writer is once again Hayao Miyazaki. Mom downloaded some of his movies and we enjoy watching them together. How cool is that?! I highly recommend his films, so much that I'm making a couple of fanfics about his stories, but I still need to finish them before showing it to you. I do hope to be an author someday, although I have many other ambitions I want to fulfill.

So that’s all for today. Thank you for always supporting me. God Bless us all!


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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Dreaming About Howl's Moving Castle

Hello, dear blog friends! I am very sorry if I haven’t updated my blog lately. I had sooooooooooooo much fun during my summer vacation, and I promise to tell you all about it on my next posts. In the meantime, the topic for today is about one of my favorite anime movies, Howl’s Moving Castle! I wrote this post months ago, but wasn't able to share it right away.

This story/movie is all about a young and simple girl named Sophie Hatter, who runs her family’s hat shop (no wonder their last names are called Hatter). She then  meets the notorious Howl, who is a wizard and is famed for eating the hearts of beautiful girls. One day, when she comes home, she is cursed by the evil Witch of the Waste into the body of a 90 year old woman, and, as the witch said it, she could not speak of the curse to other people. She sets off to find Howl’s castle and is helped by a scarecrow who she calls Turnip Head.

Then she meets Calcifer, a fire demon who holds Howl’s heart. She also meets Markel, Howl’s young apprentice. When Howl finally sees her again, she tells him that she was hired by Calcifer to be their cleaning lady. But Howl could sense the curse the witch cast into her and could see her true age like Calcifer. Sophie turns Howl’s life upside-down as they encounter problems, friendship, and love.

Suddenly, Howl realizes that he loves her even though she is cursed and Sophie also loves Howl even though he is cursed too, by the Witch of the Waste into a bird-like monster. Howl also finds out that she is the girl from his dreams who frees him and Calcifer from their curses. She doesn’t only free Howl, but their relationship also deepens. She also broke the curse of Prince Justin, who was the scarecrow Turnip Head, who helped her earlier. She has the ability of talking life into things and she also got Howl’s heart back literally. Then slowly, her curse is lifted and she becomes her young self again.

This movie was based on a book written by Dianne Wynne Jones.  I hope that more people will watch movies by Hayao Miyazaki. I recommend this to everyone! I super loooooove it because it's very inspiring, magical, romantic (though a little too cheesy) and teaches one to stand up for himself and for others.

I made some improvements on the story (yes, my own fanfiction!) no witch with wobbly layers of neck :), no spell on Sophie, and a little more fluff to the story. I will post my fanfiction stories here and share them with you soon! I hope I don't get very busy with school, but I will try my best to update my blog as frequently as I can.

I am a little addicted to Howl’s Moving Castle that, I watch it almost like every day after the first time I laid my eyes on it. I also watch repeatedly another one of my favorite movies entitled Spirited Away. But I will tell all of you about that, on my next blog article. More stories to come so please come visit me back again.

Thank you for reading dear friends! I love you all!


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Saturday, March 24, 2012

My LOOKBOOK: Korean School Girl

Hello dear blog friends! Today I'm so excited because I'm starting something new again just like I started my photo journal last issue. I have so much time in my hands right now because school is finally, totally and officially OVER and summer is here again!

Now, back to what I'm so excited about! I'm still years away before I can register my very own Lookbook account, so I think this is the best place for me to post my fashion dreams and fantasies for now. I'm just so glad I could share them with you!

For my first fashion post, here I dressed up as a Korean school girl during my McDonald's Kiddie Crew Summer Workshop graduation last year. I just adore the cute mini skirts and knee high socks that Korean girls actually wear when they go to school so I really love this look! Plus, I watched 3 Koreanovelas last year: You're Beautiful, Master of Study and Boys Over Flowers, so I'm really into the theme, you know. :)

What I'm wearing: Red hat, black sleeveless top with sequined black and silver tie (my super favorite!), red plaid skirt with knitted trimming, white socks with lace trimming and black and silver shoes. These are all unbranded pieces except for the shoes from Merona.

Thank you for the visit and please come back again for more posts. Right now I'm writing a story but it's a BIG surprise so I won't tell just yet what it's all about. But it's something I hope you will really like! See you again next time and SARANGHE!!!


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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo Journal #1: One Fun Day in August

Outfit for the day: Pink sleeveless plaid shirt, Yellow spaghetti top by Bayo for Kids, 
Handpainted  jeans by Orange Juice, Pink Barbie  sandals, 
Denim bag with leopard print by Bratz
Hello dear blog friends! I decided to make a photo journal today, because I have tons of photos of my activities and whatnots that I would like to share with you, but don't think I can make long stories of, all the time. So Mom suggested I make photo journals instead with short captions. Maybe by doing this, I can update my blog more often despite my busy schedule.

I know it's been a long while, but are you all ready for the next issue? Well here it is! Okay, it happened one very sunny morning last August when Mom and I went to Landmark and Greenbelt. I felt it took a very long time for us to reach our destination so I took a little nap on the seat, while Mom comforted me and I waited until we were there. And then finally, we hopped off the car excitedly as we first went to Greenbelt!

We looked at the stores, mini shops, the food court, and the rest, then we went to POWERBOOKS! We bought me a notebook to put my recipes in, and a Rotten School book by R.L. Stine. Then we went to some other stores, took a stroll around the mall, and ate at WORLD OF CHICKEN. I ordered grilled chicken with BBQ ranch sauce, fettuccine with white sauce, and mashed potatoes with gravy, while Mom ordered grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce and macaroni salad. We ate heartily and the expression on our faces are incredible!!! I loved my food and it's now officially one of my favorite restaurants. I also discovered that it was Mom and Dad's favorite restaurant too in Glorietta 4.

My World of Chicken Plate: Grilled Chicken with Ranch Barbecue sauce 
+ Fettuccine + Mashed Potato with gravy = HEAVEN!!!

After our lunch, we went to Landmark. Then I saw things that I wanted, am addicted, and are my favorites: FOOD ERASERS!!! There were so many erasers but I finally picked two packs for me and one pack each for my cousins, Raffaello and Gia. We also looked at some stuff like bags, dresses, shoes, and mom bought me a cute, organizer for my make-up kit. We passed over some more food erasers which I do not have and I pleaded mom to buy me some, but she said to me that it was enough.

We went to Powerbooks again, but this time, the one in Glorietta where I was able to read some books. There I spotted a shiny, silver old style alarm clock that I wanted for so long, which Mom bought along with some more books for me. She bought a lot of books too on sale which some are for gifts, and some for her collection. After that, we each had a huge McDonalds vanilla ice cream cone before we finally went home.

What an exciting day!!! I finally went to bed and smiled to myself and recalled the memory of our fulfilling trip. Below are some of the photos of that special day. Thanks for reading my adventure, dear blog followers!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Accessories: Bracelet with strings of colorful wooden beads, Pink stone vintage ring, Blue star headband  

My first meal at World of Chicken and I fell in love with it!

Isn't this the biggest limited edition Swatch ever, or what? Of course, 
Mom insisted I pose beside the giant Ninoy and Cory watch  :)

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