Monday, January 10, 2011

Merry Christmas 2010, Happy New Year 2011!

Hi! How have you all been? The holiday season passed by so quickly but I still want to greet you a Merry Christmas 2010 and a Happy New Year 2011!

I enjoyed my Christmas break because I was able to sleep longer, wake up late, and read my books! But before that, we had our Christmas party in school where I distributed gifts to all of my teachers and classmates.

Silver butterfly headbands for the girls

Assorted goodies for the boys

Yey! Ready for distribution! =)

Giving and sharing is so much fun! And because Mom wants me to catch some action during the party, she let me bring the camera.

Me and my besties Faith, Anjali and Danielle

We spent our Noche Buena at St. Luke's Hospital where my baby sister-cousin Gia was hospitalized because of pneumonia. Last November, it was Raffaello who was hospitalized for the same reason. We brought food and our grandparents brought gifts for us and we opened some of our presents in the hospital room. Gia, Mom and Mama Gee went home before New Year's Eve and we were so happy!

Me and Gia on Christmas Eve

That's how my holiday went. I'll share more pictures next time. How about you? I'd like to know your holiday memories too!


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