Sunday, July 24, 2011

When I Become a Star...

Hello, dear blog followers! Today I will tell you my feelings when it comes to stardom!!! I hope you love this issue because I would like to know if you really like it or not! ( just kidding! :)

I am very happy :) and confident today and I am sharing this with all of you. I think that you are all wondering how does it feel to be a superstar. You know:  your popularity increases around the world every hour, your trendy clothes are available on stores, and every concert, you have adoring fans. But deep inside of me, I think that every person should not like a person just because she/he is a star, wears trendy clothes, is rich and famous, or appears on shows or commercials. Every person should like a certain person because of one’s special talent and they should be happy and proud of them.

I also feel that I am hyper and excited as I write this. I know that my life is filled with surprises, excitement, worries, and sometimes nervousness. I would love to be a star, but it would take some challenges in different levels before reaching the chance to be one. I may not be a superstar yet, but someday, I think that I would be one! If I were a star, I would feel that my parents, grandparents, relatives, cousins, teachers, classmates, and best friends are going to be proud of me and will continue to support me as I continue my journey to stardom. 

If there was an audition to star in a show or commercial, I’d definitely be there! If I were chosen to be a star, I would have to keep in mind that it is my chance to show the world my special talents. And if I am already one of them, I would feel ready, strong, confident, serious, and nervous.

Before, when I was second grade, I knew someone really special who made me so popular even for just one day. She is my second grade adviser and her name is: Miss Milagros Galdones!!! She let me and my best friend and classmate Mikaela perform in our Family Fun Day. Miss Galdones also let me sing in class at the end of the day, she even attended my birthday party when I turned seven years old and loved my Hannah Montana songs. She is one of my favorite and memorable teachers. Here is the video of that memorable event!

Aside from my dream to become a star, I love to read interesting books, sing songs that I know of, cook my recipes that I copied to my recipe notebook that came from every Total Girl issue from last year up to now, draw and doodle anything I like in a plain piece of paper or sketch pad, update my profile picture in Facebook, update my scrapbook, add comments and paste pictures in it, watch television, play my favorite computer games, design clothes using my Harumika play set, and chat or text my best friends.

See you again soon and thank you for reading this issue. If I were a star, I really need all of the confidence I could get. I love you all and thank you again!


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