Saturday, November 3, 2012

My Interview with Ms. Bianca Valerio for Total Girl Magazine September 2012 8th Birthday Issue!

Konnichiwa minna-san {Hello everybody}!!! Gomenasai {sorry} for the late update! I've been so busy sleeping, watching and playing to my heart's content that I forgot to blog... again, for the umpteenth time.

How is your long vacation a.k.a. SEM BREAK? Mine has been awesome so far! I plan to enjoy it until the last day of vacation, which is tomorrow already (boo hoo!!!). 

Anyways, looking back to the recent major event in my life, I'm finally sharing what happened last September, this November:  I WAS FEATURED IN TOTAL GIRL MAGAZINE PHILIPPINES SEPTEMBER 2012 8th BIRTHDAY ISSUE!!!

Total Girl Magazine September 2012 8th Birthday Issue 

Yes! I was given the chance to interview a celebrity who is a TV and events host, bestselling author, endorser, makeup artist, columnist, personality development speaker, blogger, model, and a mom -- the one and only... Ms. Bianca Valerio!!! How cool is that?

The interview!

At first, I was shy to even mumble a word to her, but after she talked to me, I felt like I was speaking to a good friend of mine. She shared about how to handle bullies based on her very own personal struggles in life. She explained how bullies try to make others feel miserable and feel bad about themselves, but in reality, they are actually wearing masks because they are afraid and want to hide their weaknesses. She was bullied for a very long time and she didn't have friends. But she has overcome that phase in her life by being close to God,  living a positive life and focusing on her dreams.

Learning so much from Ms. Bianca's experiences

The interview is full of lessons, hope and inspiration. I feel lucky to be given the opportunity to meet someone like her who succeeded despite the hardships she went through in life. I believe she is very blessed to be all the things she wants to be... all at the same time! 

We talked about a lot of things-- the greatest lesson she learned about growing up, her childhood dream, proudest tween moment, crushes, and so much more. Now, she knows my secret crush too! :) You can read all about it in the magazine {except my crush}. Hopefully you can still grab a copy. :))

Final pose after the awesome interview! :)

Ms. Bianca tweeting about it :)

Be in TG, Page 10

Be in TG, Page 10 {Close Up}

Role Model Section: 'Braver Than Her Bullies'

Braver Than Her Bullies: Pages 62 and 63

My thoughts!

"I had a wonderful time interviewing a person like her. She shared so many lessons in life that truly inspired me to believe in myself and follow my dreams, no matter how impossible they seem. I will always cherish her words of wisdom, try to live by them and become a positive inspiration too, to those around me." ~ Chestene, 11

Well technically, I was still 10 years old when I interviewed her, because it was July 13 then {my birthday is on August. More about it on my next post}. It's my luckiest Friday the 13th ever!  

A sweet personalized message on the book!

As a surprising bonus, she gave me a copy of her bestselling book entitled Face to Face: The Healing Power of Make Up, which features amazing make up transformations. Mom and I got Stila lip glaze too! Thank you!!!

More tweets!

I would like to thank Ms. Bianca Valerio for the great interview. I hope you don't mind me snagging your tweets for this post. I just had to share! :) It's also a  pleasure singing 'Call me Maybe' for you and tell a joke {though corny, hahaha!}. And to the awesome people behind this Total Girl Magazine Philippines Role Model Section interview -- Ate Mara Agner {Thank you for giving me the chance!} Ate Katsu Modomo {who is a fellow anime fan!} and Kuya Alfred Mendoza {for the beautiful photos!}. 



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