Saturday, February 18, 2012

Photo Journal #1: One Fun Day in August

Outfit for the day: Pink sleeveless plaid shirt, Yellow spaghetti top by Bayo for Kids, 
Handpainted  jeans by Orange Juice, Pink Barbie  sandals, 
Denim bag with leopard print by Bratz
Hello dear blog friends! I decided to make a photo journal today, because I have tons of photos of my activities and whatnots that I would like to share with you, but don't think I can make long stories of, all the time. So Mom suggested I make photo journals instead with short captions. Maybe by doing this, I can update my blog more often despite my busy schedule.

I know it's been a long while, but are you all ready for the next issue? Well here it is! Okay, it happened one very sunny morning last August when Mom and I went to Landmark and Greenbelt. I felt it took a very long time for us to reach our destination so I took a little nap on the seat, while Mom comforted me and I waited until we were there. And then finally, we hopped off the car excitedly as we first went to Greenbelt!

We looked at the stores, mini shops, the food court, and the rest, then we went to POWERBOOKS! We bought me a notebook to put my recipes in, and a Rotten School book by R.L. Stine. Then we went to some other stores, took a stroll around the mall, and ate at WORLD OF CHICKEN. I ordered grilled chicken with BBQ ranch sauce, fettuccine with white sauce, and mashed potatoes with gravy, while Mom ordered grilled chicken with teriyaki sauce and macaroni salad. We ate heartily and the expression on our faces are incredible!!! I loved my food and it's now officially one of my favorite restaurants. I also discovered that it was Mom and Dad's favorite restaurant too in Glorietta 4.

My World of Chicken Plate: Grilled Chicken with Ranch Barbecue sauce 
+ Fettuccine + Mashed Potato with gravy = HEAVEN!!!

After our lunch, we went to Landmark. Then I saw things that I wanted, am addicted, and are my favorites: FOOD ERASERS!!! There were so many erasers but I finally picked two packs for me and one pack each for my cousins, Raffaello and Gia. We also looked at some stuff like bags, dresses, shoes, and mom bought me a cute, organizer for my make-up kit. We passed over some more food erasers which I do not have and I pleaded mom to buy me some, but she said to me that it was enough.

We went to Powerbooks again, but this time, the one in Glorietta where I was able to read some books. There I spotted a shiny, silver old style alarm clock that I wanted for so long, which Mom bought along with some more books for me. She bought a lot of books too on sale which some are for gifts, and some for her collection. After that, we each had a huge McDonalds vanilla ice cream cone before we finally went home.

What an exciting day!!! I finally went to bed and smiled to myself and recalled the memory of our fulfilling trip. Below are some of the photos of that special day. Thanks for reading my adventure, dear blog followers!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Accessories: Bracelet with strings of colorful wooden beads, Pink stone vintage ring, Blue star headband  

My first meal at World of Chicken and I fell in love with it!

Isn't this the biggest limited edition Swatch ever, or what? Of course, 
Mom insisted I pose beside the giant Ninoy and Cory watch  :)

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