Saturday, October 2, 2010

No Scrubs!

My cousin works as a nurse in the United States for more than 5 years now. And during her first year there, she have often grumbled about not knowing where to buy cheap scrubs in the state she was first assigned. She would then tell us to buy scrub tops here or have her mom sew for her and then later send it through courier, which in our computation turned out to be equally expensive as directly purchasing it there.

Talk about savings, huh?

She finally realized that the most practical thing to do was to find nursing scrubs that complement her style and budget, without having to go through the trouble of having them sent all the way from the Philippines. It wasn’t long before she found the perfect place online to get uniforms that actually look great on her and reasonably priced as well. Well, who ever said it can't be found there?

Now, that makes one more happy stylish nurse.