Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Love Wantame (The New Game in Town)!

Wantame ~ The new game in town!

Last week, when Mom and I went to play in my favorite Power Station in Power Plant Mall, I was sad to see only 2 Love and Berry game machines and they were already occupied with a long line of girls waiting for their turn. They used to have 7 of them, that's why I was really surprised to see the rest of the stations unplugged and kept in one corner. I thought maybe they ran out of cards, which happens most of the time. So we went around to check out other games, when I discovered something new-- WANTAME!

Wantame game (Won! Tertainment Music Channel developed by Capcom) is pretty much like the Love and Berry Dress Up and Dance game, but they have kitties and other animals ready for dressing up, singing, dancing and even cooking! It's an interactive screen touch game, where players need to touch the screen directly by finger for selecting icons, rhythm games, miracle chances and other fun activities.

The machine gives out the following cards: Kitten Cards, Miracle Power Cards (all 5 types), Fashion Cards: Clothes (all 32 types), Fashion Cards: Accessories (all 24 types) that can be used for different settings, themes and backgrounds. By the way, the cards are a little smaller than the Love and Berry cards. Maybe I need a new album for this?

This is what I played and I lost! Hahaha!

It's a lot of fun to play! But the thing is, the game doesn't have English instructions so I had to guess what to do next. Words are ALL in Japanese characters. Ughhh. =( Anyways, do check it out and try playing this new kind of screen touch rhythm game and tell me what you think!

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