Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ceiling Fans and Memories

I have fond memories of our old home. My family lived in a cozy two-storey house until the early 80’s, where most of my childhood memories were molded.

I distinctly remember the ceiling fan hanging in the living room which had always been an instant conversation starter whenever guests pay us a visit. It had a classic design and the blades were made of wood; aptly complementing the homey feel of our living room.

It has always been my dream to re-create the same ambiance when I build my own house. I want the Little Lady to experience the same fond memories of home. Given that, I would also want to have ceiling fans installed in both my future living and family rooms as well. Apart from providing ventilation, I like uniquely designed pieces that will enhance the room’s overall look.

We are lucky today because online, more and more designs are becoming available to suit every need and preference. At the moment, I’m more interested in craftmade fans and modern ceiling fans, but there are still thousands to choose from!

If I get overwhelmed with the selection and have a hard time deciding on a particular design, it’s a relief to know that I could always customize my own ceiling fan with various fan accessories to give it a more personalized look. Now, the designer in me loves this idea best!

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