Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Mailbox in 2009

New Year is just a few hours away, and just like most people, in between general cleaning and preparing ingredients for the New Year’s Eve menu, I’m contemplating on my 2009 resolution and future plans.

Apart from my must-do-top-priority diet plan, I’m thinking of giving our home a much needed face lift this year, as it has been more than 10 years since it was last renovated.

The outdoor paint has already showed signs of aging and chipping; the pillars also need to be repainted to restore the gold marble effect they once had. The front lawn could use a bit of landscaping, and to top it all, I would like a handsome mailbox standing there to complete the look. I’m a fan of Personalized Mailboxes, and whenever I see unique Custom Mailboxes, I can’t help but sketch a design in my mind, of what I would like to have for our home.

The one I specifically have in mind is customized and hand crafted. It resembles the classy Monogram Series Whitehall Mailboxes that I fancy, which come in different colors and designs.

Emails are fast, convenient and great, but the Little Lady's excitement to open the mailbox each day to check the snail mail is just priceless. Well, who doesn’t like to get a surprise on a daily basis?

Saturday, December 27, 2008

All I Want for Christmas...

No, it's not about my missing 3 front teeth (but it's also nice if they would come out faster now!). All I ever want for Christmas are toys, toys and more toys!

I'm so happy I got a lot of gifts from everybody. Mom gave me 4 Barbies and a Polly Pocket car, 2 Havaianas from Mama Gee, a fashion designer activity set from Santa, a lot of clothes, shoes and activity sets from Tita Witch, plus money and other gifts from our relatives and friends. But the most surprising gift I got was from my grandparents Mamita and Daddylo!

It's a PINK guitar! My cousin Raffaello got a blue one too. Now I'm on my way to becoming a real rock star! I just hope Mom sends me to guitar lessons so I can learn how to play my favorite songs.

How about you? Did you get your Christmas wish? Can I see it? I'd love to know all about it!


Saturday, December 13, 2008

Too Busy for Shopping?

Every year, I can't help but be amazed with the advancement of technology from major breakthroughs down to gadgets and toys for adults and kids alike. I feel it more during Christmas time when I'm doing my usual rounds in the malls along with several hundreds of shoppers beating the holiday rush.

Shopping for toys and gadgets used to be a breeze. But now it has somehow turned into a chore, as you need to wade through a lot of high technology stuff to be acquainted with the actual use and benefits of a certain product.

If you’re a busy body who don’t have the luxury of time to visit the crowded malls, more so listen to sales representatives explaining why you should get an Xbox 360 for your husband, I suggest that you do a little research and advance reading first before you part with your hard-earned cash.

An online shopping guide that offers impartial reviews of the products you need to know more about is essential. A good one will share the best priced deals and where to get it; not only from a few selected shops, but from a wide range of stores.

Now, don’t hold back and see if you should finally get a Nintendo Wii Fit for yourself this Christmas. :)

In My Little Shoes

My Partial Collection

Today I would like to share my partial footwear collection. :)

I love shoes! I seem to have gotten this from my Mom who also loves them, most especially high heels. Please hop over to her other blog to read more about it!

So this is my precious collection where you can see mostly pink. I like shiny stuff and bling blings. I couldn't find my other shoes before Mom took this photo, but I still have pink and red Crocs and a couple of sandals that I left somewhere around the house. :)

I asked Mom to buy me the high ones but she said they don't have it in my size yet. She also said I can have her high heels when my feet grows big enough to fit them. Yipeee!

How about you? Do you love shoes too?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Ceiling Fans and Memories

I have fond memories of our old home. My family lived in a cozy two-storey house until the early 80’s, where most of my childhood memories were molded.

I distinctly remember the ceiling fan hanging in the living room which had always been an instant conversation starter whenever guests pay us a visit. It had a classic design and the blades were made of wood; aptly complementing the homey feel of our living room.

It has always been my dream to re-create the same ambiance when I build my own house. I want the Little Lady to experience the same fond memories of home. Given that, I would also want to have ceiling fans installed in both my future living and family rooms as well. Apart from providing ventilation, I like uniquely designed pieces that will enhance the room’s overall look.

We are lucky today because online, more and more designs are becoming available to suit every need and preference. At the moment, I’m more interested in craftmade fans and modern ceiling fans, but there are still thousands to choose from!

If I get overwhelmed with the selection and have a hard time deciding on a particular design, it’s a relief to know that I could always customize my own ceiling fan with various fan accessories to give it a more personalized look. Now, the designer in me loves this idea best!