Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Loving Love and Berry

Do you know Love and Berry? It's my all time favorite game!

It's a super cool dress-up game wherein for every game, the Love and Berry machine will give you a fashion card so you can create outfits to mix, match and collect for Love or Berry. Once you've chosen your level and show, you have to tap the buttons while Love and Berry sing and dance to the music. Be sure to tap to the beat or you will lose points!

I already collected 24 cards but Mommy can't find a trading card album for it, so she bought a small transparent album to be my Love and Berry album in the meantime.

What's cool is that she made me a personalized front cover for it and another one with song lyrics of the game! I love it!

Love, Berry and Me!

So here's how my album looks like now. Not bad, huh?

Do you play Love and Berry? How many cards did you collect? I'd love to know!