Friday, January 16, 2009

Make a Wise Health Investment Now

It’s the first month of a brand new year, and as tradition dictates, this is also the best time to make our resolutions for the whole 2009. So what needs to be done this year? I think it’s best to lay out my priorities first to know which ones need to be focused on.

Income generation still takes a top spot, no doubt. Apart from a regular day job, I also do freelancing on the side. This formula brings in good money, but the workload took a toll on my health and resulted to a number of sick leaves last year, not to mention that a good chunk of my savings went solely to repeated consultations and medications. This year, I need to focus more on building up my immune system back in tip-top shape, and getting myself Affordable Health Insurance coverage for protection, just in case.

I used to think that there is no such thing. I was wrong. A website that features a wealth of Affordable Health Insurance resources was all I needed to set aside previous misconceptions that I have of its existence. Browsing through the site, I also learned some tips on how to obtain it, plus a smart guide to the best companies with Affordable Health Insurance plans in the market.

I’m confident that this is one of the best investments I can make today that will bring long term benefits in the future. Health is indeed wealth. It would be hard to pursue our dreams and accomplish our goals without it, so it’s wise to secure our health the earliest time possible - NOW.


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