Monday, March 9, 2009


Want some LoVe?

Remember how excited I was about the arcade game Love and Berry but don't have a trading card album? Well my super Mom was able to find an album for my collection last year which was really great, because it's not that expensive! We put my personalized Love and Berry photo at the front, see? And what makes it even more exciting is that my godmother Auntie Gayle, gave me "Love". Yes, that small pink doll is Love who came all the way from Japan! (I wonder when Berry is coming over to follow, Auntie Gayle?)

My album and Love

Mom took lots of pictures of me as always, while playing my favorite game and took shots of my cards too. She put them all in one photo. I have gowns, shoes, hairstyles and other beautiful dresses!

Me and my collection

After my final exams we're going back here! I still have to study hard to get high grades in school, but I'm already excited to collect more cards when vacation comes. Before I go, let me show you Love, Berry and Chestene's pose! So cool!!!

Do you Love and Berry too? :)


Anonymous said...

Your pic is like you just woke up,you should picture yourself like you're ready and clean!(it says there in my love and berry rule book:the way to stardom!) should buy a cool and glittery album like mine...

(sorry about what i said...that's just how the way i joke!)
by the way...I got cool new love and berry cards and card album form japan! and there is even a new girl in love and berry...her name is miesha!

(you're soooo kawaii! 'coz your chubby!)

Anonymous said...

I got a love doll,just like yours...and I also have a berry one...and it's also from japan!!! (by the way,mine was bought in japan by bidding,and my cousin bid $20,000 just for my birthday gift!


I'm the Anonymous one who always comment you in the other articles you had...the anonymous one who commented first was I'm not mean,can we be friends? I'm Kyla,and you can visit me in my website!

(note:I'm not boastful,I even give away my stuff to the needy)!!!!!!!!!

Chesteney said...

Hi Anonymous!

Sorry I wasn't able to comment back right away, because I am always so busy with school and other stuff. ;) Anyways, I'm so glad you were able to visit and read my blog. I'm happy you like Love and Berry too!

I'd love to see your cool rule book and glittery album. =) Take care!

Chesteney said...

Hi Kyla!

Thank you for visiting my blog.:) I would like to visit your website, too but you forgot to give the URL.

I already have a Berry doll and my Mom got it from a local shop here in the Philippines.

I'd love to hear about your Love and Berry stories, too. Take care and visit me again anytime. Take care!