Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Loving Love and Berry

Do you know Love and Berry? It's my all time favorite game!

It's a super cool dress-up game wherein for every game, the Love and Berry machine will give you a fashion card so you can create outfits to mix, match and collect for Love or Berry. Once you've chosen your level and show, you have to tap the buttons while Love and Berry sing and dance to the music. Be sure to tap to the beat or you will lose points!

I already collected 24 cards but Mommy can't find a trading card album for it, so she bought a small transparent album to be my Love and Berry album in the meantime.

What's cool is that she made me a personalized front cover for it and another one with song lyrics of the game! I love it!

Love, Berry and Me!

So here's how my album looks like now. Not bad, huh?

Do you play Love and Berry? How many cards did you collect? I'd love to know!


Free Games said...

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Holly said...

This looks so cute!

Jean Chia aka Ms.Yummy~licious said...

hi chesteney! i havent heard of this game but it sure looks adorable! i love the pic with u in it! :)

Chesteney said...

@ free games

Sure, I'll add you to my blogroll. :)

@ Ms. Holly

The game is really cute and fun too!

@ Aunt Jean Chia

Oh, this game is so much fun! Maybe you have it there in the arcades. I can't wait play again. Maybe after my exams. :)

Erica said...

hi, I'm Erica, how many cards do you have? what country are you in,I'm in Indonesia, I have 68 cards by the's my email

Anonymous said...

Please check this website. I ordered today and the card will come tomorrow. It's very cheap Rp 135000 for 4 set (each 20 cards so you'll get 80 cards). I haven't received the card so I can not check whether it's original or not.


Love&Berry Mom :)

N.Izzah.R said... you know where LnB shop in japan? coz i am going japan

chronicle said...

Hi...i Got play LnB leh...i Have 150 something so famous lo...

chronicle said...

Nice to Meet u all!!!OMG!!!i wan to go japan lo...i wan to buy all the things at the shop lo so nice...^.^

Anonymous said...

I have collected 248 english cards and 145 japanese cards lately...and what's worse is when i need to play, I need to bring all 5 BIG card albums!!( those are english cards!) but good thing mommy bought a bag with a love and berry design on it for my card albums (there are even small 5 slots for extra cards inside the bag) I luv it!!

Julliana said...

Hi, how old are you??
I am hoping I can COSPLAY love/berry this Aug/Oct. Do you know where can I find Love/berry costumes?

Chesteney said...

Hi all! Sorry for the delayed reply. Most of the time I get super busy with school work. But I love and appreciate all your comments! =)

@Erica - Hi! I'm from the Philippines and I have over a hundred Love and Berry cards. I'm always happy to meet fellow fans of Love and Berry. Thanks for the visit! =)

@Love&Berry Mom - Thank you for sharing! =)

@N.Izzah.R - Sorry, I don't know where exactly is the Love and Berry shop in Japan. Here in the Philippines, I only see them at Powerstation where they can be exchanged for game points. Wow, hope you had a great time in Japan =)

@chronicle - That's good to know! Yes, the game is quite famous. Thanks for the visit! =)

@Anonymous - That's an awesome collection! You're very lucky to have both English and Japanese cards! =)

@Julliana - Hi, I'm 10 turning 11 this August. I saw your tumblr blog and I read that you got featured in TG! Congrats! I love TG as well. I haven't seen any Love and Berry costumes around, maybe it's better to have it custom made instead. Goodluck on your cosplay! Thanks for the visit =)

Anonymous said...

@Julliana I actually know where to buy Official Love and Berry Costumes. They are sold in a store in Nagoya, Japan. Actually, my Dad, who is an OFW in Japan, discovered it, and toldme about it.